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Dek Hockey Rules & Regulations    

Helmets are REQUIRED at the Bridgeville Rollerplex.

The Pride of Bridgeville DHS is a recreational activity for adults to play dek hockey and raise money for charities. Tournament level intensity is not a part of the games, and members are asked to be patient with one another when frustrated.

 The officials work behind the scenes to keep gameplay respectful, and Members have to adapt to what we do here. Members play hard and try to win, but with the recreation / fundraiser aspect in mind. Players who cause disruptions may not be invited back for future activities. If the disruption is serious enough the player may receive a Suspension.

Disruptions include:
• Pushing or Slashing away from the play
• Verbal abuse of another player, or official
• Anything that causes an official to stop what they're doing to separate individuals, or instruct them to stop

By signing up, you agree to abide by the code of conduct established by the facility being used (the Bridgeville Rollerplex), and understand that violating that code of conduct may result in loss of access to the facility at any point during this program without a refund, partial or whole.


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