Bridgeville RollerPlex
341 Washington Avenue , Bridgeville, PA, 15017

Today's Games
7:00 PM - Mustard Tigers v Phantoms
8:00 PM - Shockers v Arsenal
9:00 PM - Bad News Pears v Canadians

Fall Puck (SOUTH) (2nd HIGHEST) Wens/Sat/2020/21
Winter Ball ( DEEP SOUTH ) Fri/Sun/2021
Winter Ball (DEEP SOUTH 3) (LOWEST LEAGUE) Fri/Sun/2021
Winter Puck ( NORTH) (HIGHEST LEAGUE) Thursday/2021
Winter Puck (DEEP SOUTH 1) ( HIGH LEAGUE) Wed/Sat/ 2021
Winter Puck (DEEP SOUTH 2) (LOW LEAGUE) Mon/2021
Winter Puck (SOUTH) (2nd HIGHEST)Wed/ Saturday/2021

Winter season!!!
2/11/2021 3:21 PM
As we start our Winter season a few things to remember as Captains!  
Captains are responsible for rosters to be emailed to even if it remains the same as last season please email him that info.
Teams must have matching jerseys and players must have numbers (the same one all season).  We have a press in shop for $2 per number. You can also leave jerseys to be pressed and picked up at your next game.   New teams have 3 games to get this organized.  Teams who have played here previously have 1 game since all teams have been told this rule before.
All players must have signed our smart waiver online.  It is on our FB page as well as our website under "about us".  IMPORTANT 
When your roster has been entered please go on our site and check for accuracy.  
We have added Jason Dempsey to help with following teams with rosters, numbers and jerseys.  He will be following teams to help make it easier for everyone and enforce this.
The following employees are as follows for everyone at BRP
Geno Judge-head referee
Jason Dempsey- jerseys, numbers, rosters 
Aaron Kent- Director of youth Vipers program/Adult games scorekeeper 
Zach Pickrell- enters stats and rosters /Adult games scorekeeper 
Ben Schwartzmiller-Adult games scorekeeper
Mike Iwaniuk- Adult  games scorekeeper
We hope by everyone knowing this information and knowing the rules this will go smoothly for all.
any questions please email
Have fun!

Vipers Spring season!!
1/26/2021 11:04 AM
The 2021 Bridgeville Vipers Spring Season is almost here!
Sunday- February 7th from 3 to 4 pm at the Bridgeville Rollerplex.  Players 8 to 12 years old.  

Sunday - February 14th from 3 to 4 pm at the Bridgeville Rollerplex. Players 13 years old to High School. 

Full equipment is required , but please let us know if you need anything. Tryout cost is $5 per player.
*Tryout ages are just for evaluations.  Teams will be built according to Elementary, Middle school, and High School divisions.
Please email Aaronkent412@gmail.with questions/concerns.
There are several choices this year.  Players can join a Vipers BRP team only,cost is $225, or an RMU team only, cost is $225 or a Vipers BRP team AND an RMU team cost is $430.
On our site go  under upcoming leagues for more information.  Click on the team your player is interested in for a description of each league and hit register online button.   
Basic and official jerseys are available as well as pants and t-shirts.  
Practices will start mid March.  Games will begin early April.  Season will end the end of June (possibly early July)
We hope you can spend your Spring with us!  
Thank you!!

Adult Winter Registration date!
11/20/2020 11:59 AM
Adult Winter registration date is December 7th.  $1100 per team due at registration.  Any questions email