Bridgeville RollerPlex
341 Washington Avenue , Bridgeville, PA, 15017

Today's Games
7:00 PM - Karma v Cobra Kai
8:00 PM - ThunderCats v NorthStars
9:00 PM - Chaos v Bad News Pears
10:00 PM - Disco Dans disciples v Old Man Junk

Fall Ball (DEEP SOUTH 1) Fri/Sun 2019
Fall Ball (DEEP SOUTH 2) Fri/Sun 2019
Fall Puck (DEEP SOUTH 1) Mon/Wed/Sat/2019
Fall Puck (DEEP SOUTH 2) Mon/Wed/2019
Fall Puck (SOUTH) Sat/2019
Vipers Inhouse ROOKIES/ Fall 2019

Vipers Inhouse Youth Programs for Fall 2019
9/18/2019 2:07 PM
VIPERS Inhouse ROOKIES ages 5 to 10 year olds -   Sundays noon until 1 pm, September 15th until November 17th 2019 $115 per child and full hockey equipment is required.
Vipers 3 V 3 has changed to a 14 and under sticktime.  this meets Saturday from 2 pm to 3 pm.   All players 14 and under are welcome!  $5 per player and full hockey gear is required.

Adult Puck NORTH League coming for WINTERl!
8/21/2019 11:49 AM
Adult League Puck NORTH coming for WINTER..Thursday nights , games start at 9 PM ..$1100 per team..registration opens Sept 9th at noon.
Any questions 

Goalie fill ins for Adult leagues!
7/13/2015 10:02 PM
Ralph will no longer be helping teams find fill ins for games when your goalie can't make it.  If your goalie can't make it, it is up to the captains of the teams to post on FB and BRP live wire to find a replacement!  Plan ahead.  Look at the game before you and after to see if a goalie can stay or come in early.  You also may call us at 412-221-7111.