Wednesday, January 18, 2023 2:05:02 PM We would like to welcome college inline to BRP. They play Sunday nights, and their schedule is posted on our site. The following teams will be playing. RMU Tartans, Duquesne Dukes, Penn State Beaver: Fightin Beavs, RMU Colonials, Anyone is welcome to come watch!
Monday, July 13, 2015 10:02:55 PM Ralph will no longer be helping teams find fill ins for games when your goalie can't make it.  If your goalie can't make it, it is up to the captains of the teams to post on FB and BRP live wire to find a replacement!  Plan ahead.  Look at the game before you and after to see if a goalie can stay or come in early.  You also may call us at 412-221-7111.  
Monday, June 8, 2015 2:29:43 PM

The following schools play and practice at the Bridgeville RollerPlex!

These schools are also part of the PIRHL( Pennsylvania Interscholastic Roller hockey League). Practices are held mid August until mid March with games being played on Saturdays or Sundays from October until March. Game locations may vary from Bridgeville RollerPlex, RMU, Bladerunners and Hot Shots.  Please contact each individual school if your child is interested in playing for their school.

Baldwin- Robert O'Brien -

Bethel Park-Eric Kubrick- or

Canon McMillan-John Murphy-

Chartiers Valley- Dan Kopach-

Upper St Clair-Eric Bernstein-

Mt Lebanon- Kevin Baverso -

West Allegheny- Mike Hively - or Mike Flenner-





Sunday, October 13, 2013 8:06:14 PM

Bridgeville Rollerplex LLC
Inline/Roller Hockey Rules and Regulations

Addendum to the Official Rules of USA Roller Sports  --
Updated October 13, 2013

BRP Homepage

Year-round Seasons of Adult Recreational Inline Hockey

WINTER: January, February & March
 SPRING: April, May & June
 SUMMER: July, August & September
October, November & December




    •  Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk.  The property owners, league operators, officers, and staff of the BRP assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur.  Please refer to your Liability & Injury Waiver Release forms.
    •  Conduct within the facility and on the rink should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship.  Our leagues are competitive, but we require our players to have an “EASY GOING” mentality.  Nonsense and out-of-control Players are not welcome and are subject to removal by BRP STAFF.
    •  The BRP reserves the right to refuse play to anyone. When asked to leave the facility, the person must do so promptly. They're not permitted to remain in the parking lot, or outside seating area. People/players who do not comply with these rules face longterm bans.
    •  All play at BRP is non-checking.
    •  Any fighting will result in ejection from the facility with the possibility of a Lifetime Suspension. This includes the parking lot area/outside. The Bridgeville Rollerplex has zero tolerance for fighting.


   •  Fighting includes, among other things, punches, face washing, tackling, wrestling and/or aggressive action intended to injure, knock down or instigate. Players who remove their gloves during an altercation will receive a suspension for fighting. Fighting Suspensions are typically a minimum of 3 games, and will include extra games based on the severity of the action taken.
   •  Play is 4 on 4 plus Goalie. If a team cannot provide four rostered skaters and a goalie for their game, it will result in a forfeit. Furthermore, if the starting goalie leaves the game without a fully equipped replacement, that team will have to forfeit the game (an 8-0 loss).


   •  Each team must have 4 skaters and a Goalie in order to start a game. At 6 minutes past the hour a team that doesn't have the minimum requirements uses their timeout. At 8 minutes past the hour they incur a 2 minute Delay of Game penalty. At 10 minutes past the hour they incur a second 2 minute Delay of Game penalty, and the game clock begins to run. At 15 minutes past the hour if a team doesn't have 4 skaters and a goalie, they forfeit the game. We don't make exceptions to this rule, even if, at 15 minutes past the hour, their goalie is in the building. Skaters may gear up in the penalty box, though, as long as their helmet is on at all times.


   •  If the score reaches an 8 goal differential, the Mercy Rule is applied and it is officially over. Players may remain until their time is up, only if the game/players kept a sportsmanlike attitude throughout. BRP STAFF have the right to close down the playing surface if otherwise.

   •  Teams that commit 10 penalties in a game forfeit the game 8 - 0 (regardless of the score up to that point), and will be required to leave the playing surface and facility. Players on the opposing team will retain their stats (Goals, Assists, Penalties & Games Played).

   •  BRP maintains an internal Sportsmanship Rating for teams. Teams that have a NEGATIVE Sportsmanship Rating may not be invited back in subsequent seasons. If a team finishes a season w/ an NSR, any Division Championship will not be recognized/acknowledged by the BRP. The Division will go in the books as "No Result". Causes for an NSR: Consistent Ref/Staff/Facility abuse, Multiple players w/ unsportsmanlike ejections/suspension in a season, alcohol possession, and/or unsportsmanlike behavior before/after the games.

   •  Teams that intentionally request placement in Divisions lower than what is appropriate may not be invited back in subsequent seasons, nor will any Division Championship be recognized/acknowledged by the BRP. The Division will go in the books as "No Result".

   •  No Icing – No Offsides – No Checking.

   • There will be one to three Officials each game: Two Referees, and one Scorekeeper. BRP Staff serve as Scorekeeper/3rd Official, and is responsible for conduct at the Bridgeville Rollerplex. 

   •  Faceoff locations are determined by the Referee. BRP places all Faceoffs deep in the Defensive zone when the Ball or Puck goes out of play in that zone (whether it goes off of a player or the crossbar).

   •  Each game has three 15-minute running clock periods.If the score is within two goals in the 3rd Period, the clock will stop at each whistle 2 minutes or under. If the game is tied after regulation, it goes directly into a Shootout (in the Regular Season, and in either the Wildcard or Quarterfinal Rounds of the Playoffs). In the Semi-Final Round of the Playoffs, a 5-minute running clock Overtime will be played, followed by a Shootout if tied after Regulation (Championship games are full Overtime until a goal is scored).

   • Our Recreational League House Rules for clock management: play clock will stop when the net is dislodged, when a play is halted for an injury, or at BRP Staff and/or the Referee's discretion if something occurs that delays gameplay. Fighting / Player Disruptions do not automatically stop the clock. If the instigating player is on the trailing team, their actions may waste game time.

    •  Goalies can play on feet in the Ball League ONLY.
    •  Teams sign-up on a first-come-first-pay basis.
    •  All seasons are ten (10) games plus play-offs or "friendly" games for low-finishing teams. Each team will get at least eleven (11) games total.
    •  All teams will play one game each week (unless unforeseen schedule conflicts arise). In some cases, such as Playoffs, multiple games may be scheduled in a week, or a day.
    •  Only Captains and  Designated Alternate (if the captain is not present) may ask for clarification from referees during the game.


   •  Excess chatter (abusive language) toward other players, officials, or staff will result in penalties and or suspensions. If this occurs from people outside of the playing area/benches, BRP staff has the right to eject them from the facility.


   •  Drugs and alcohol are not permitted at the Rollerplex, either inside the facility or in the parking lot area. We do not allow tailgating in which those items are present. If empty cans or bottles are found in a team's locker room, each person present for that day's game may be subject to action by the Bridgeville Rollerplex.


   •  Any intoxicated Player will be told to leave! 

   •  BRP cannot reschedule games during inclement weather.

   •  Players are not permitted to leave their gear at the Rollerplex overnight.

   •  BRP reserves the right to update these Rules and Regulations at any time.


Please see ROSTER GUIDELINES for further information



Sunday, October 13, 2013 6:57:35 PM


BRP Homepage 

Addendum to the Official Rules of USA Roller Sports

   •  The Bridgeville Rollerplex features RECREATIONAL Inline Hockey. Our Leagues are competitive, however, we require our Players to have an “Easy Going” mentality.  Nonsense and out-of-control Players are not welcome and subject to removal by the officials or staff. The BRP doesn't give out trophies, nor do we award scoring leaders. At the end of each season we'll give the Division Champs a token of our appreciation, usually in the form of a T-Shirt, waterbottle, golf towel, etc.

   •  BRP has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on fighting, verbal or physical abuse towards Referees, Players, Spectators, or Staff.  If you go there, it could definitely lead to suspension and/or LIFETIME SUSPENSION.

   •  Damage to the facility will result in a suspension, in addition to the person having to pay for the repairs. Breaking a tile when slamming one's stick will cost the player $20, which will have to be paid before they are allowed to use the facility.

    •  The throwing of a punch, among other things, regardless of the situation at hand, constitutes a fight.

   •  Any Player who engages in a fight will receive a major penalty, a game misconduct, and be thrown out.

   •  Any Player who leaves the bench or penalty box during a fight will receive a game misconduct, a suspension, and your Team is subject to forfeiture.



   •  Attempting to start or invite a fight outside in the parking lot, etc., will result in a suspension. If you go there with an argument, the staff will report it and you will not be permitted to use the facility.

   •  Under normal circumstances the Captain of the suspended player’s team will be notified of suspension within three (3) days of incident by the Bridgeville Rollerplex' Head Official.

   •  Suspended Players are not allowed on the premises during their suspension.  This includes playing for more than one team, coaching, rentals or spectating!  Anyone trying to use/attend the Bridgeville Rollerplex during their suspension time will serve a longer ban.

   •  Suspensions can carry over into the next season(s).

   •  A player who commits three (3) penalties in a game will be ejected from the game & may be subject to suspension based on the types of penalties committed. Players who 3-Penalty out multiple times in a calendar year may receive additional suspension time. Ejected players lose all stats, as well as game credit for that game, which could effect Playoff eligibility.

   •  Ejected Players must leave the premises promptly. Failing to do so may result in a suspension (in addition to any other suspensions handed down). Ejected Players also lose their Game-Played credit for thast game, which could effect their Playoff Eligibility. 

    •  Delayed penalties are still counted on the score sheet for the purpose of the 3-penalty game misconduct rule.

   •  If an accidental high-stick occurs which injures the opposing player, the offending player will receive a 4-minute double minor penalty. If the referee determines intent to injure, a 5-min major and game misconduct (with possible suspension) will be assessed.

   •  If a team is to forfeit their game, it will go on record as a 8 - 0 loss for them. Captains, please do your best to notify the Rollerplex in advance if you know your team won't be able to make the game.  If your team is a no show/no call forfeit your team will be charged $60, due before you play your next game.  THIS IS ONLY FOR A NO SHOW/NO CALL forfeit. Call 412- 221 -7111 and leave a detailed message. If your team has a forfeit we ask you call 2 hours before your game in order for us to contact the other team.  

   •  The clock does not always stop, nor will the game always be delayed for goalie and/or player equipment issues. If possible, the player must go to the bench, use a timeout, or take a delay of game penalty.

   •  If a player's helmet comes off during the play, he or she must immediately put it back on. If they attempt to continue the play without it, the play will be blown dead, and they may be assessed a delay of game penalty.

   •  Players are required to wear their helmets during warmups, as well as on the bench during gameplay. If the ball or puck is in play, HELMETS MUST BE ON. They can be taken off in between whistles and periods, etc. If the Officials ask you to put your helmet on more than once in a game, you may be assessed a bench penalty for Delay of Game. It's for your own safety, as, pucks go out of play regularly. If you're overheating to the point of needing to constantly remove your helmet, come off of the playing surface and cool down.


   •  WARNING:  Abuse of Officials is NOT TOLERATED at the Bridgeville Rollerplex. Penalties and game suspensions will be awarded. Captains or Alternate Captains can talk to Referees at a time that doesn't halt the game. We understand that players may be frustrated with calls / non-calls, however, we ask everyone to manage their frustration in a way that's consistent with an Adult Recreational League game. We ask the players called for a penalty to voice their disagreement but then go to the penalty box to serve their time.

   •  Officials are not required to give explanations of penalty calls during Period Play. Captains may ask for clarification BETWEEN PERIODS or after the game.


Feedback may be given by contacting

Sunday, October 13, 2013 3:18:46 PM


BRP Homepage

   •  Individuals using this facility do so at their own risk. The property owners, league operators, officers, staff, et al, of the Bridgeville Rollerplex assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur. Please refer to your LIABILITY & INJURY WAIVER RELEASE forms.


   •  Goalies playing in the PUCK League are required to wear Inline Skates (skater or goalie skates). Goalies playing in the BALL League are permitted to wear shoes if they prefer.

   •  Players are not permitted to leave their gear at the Rollerplex overnight.

   •  BRP reserves the right to update these Rules and Regulations at any time.


   • All Players must wear HECC certified helmets (certified within five years) with chin straps – NO EXCEPTIONS!  Some examples of non-HECC certified helmets (illegal helmets) are: Jofa Gretsky model, Jofa Lemieux/Selanne model, Mylec helmet, old Cooper helmet. If you are unsure if your helmet is legal, please check with BRP staff or officials BEFORE your game.

   •  YOUTH LEAGUES/TEAMS: Players under 18 must wear full face shield.– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE!

   •  Players must wear:  shin guards, with long pants or hockey socks, hockey gloves (NO Mylec dekhockey gloves, garden gloves, etc...), elbow pads, covered with long sleeves, and cup supporter. NO SHORT PANTS OR SHORT SLEEVED HOCKEY JERSEY. ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE COVERED.

   •  Highly recommendedChest protector, girdle (provides thigh, hip, and tailbone protection), mouth pieces for adults (provides shock protection in collisions).

   •  Skates must have all 4 wheels.  One warning will be issued.  If not remedied by next game, that Player will not play.

   •  Players must leave their helmets on while on the bench or in the penalty box. Pucks and Balls go out of play often. Always stay alert to the play.

   •  Players are required to have long sleeve MATCHING COLOR HOCKEY JERSEYS WITH THEIR OWN NUMBERS.  Any Player who does not have a numbered or matching HOCKEY jersey may not be allowed to play. Numbers CAN NOT be taped on jersey. When there is a color conflict, the AWAY Team will change color.

   •  Teams are required to have AWAY jerseys with numbers on the back in the event that they must change for a game. We recommend always bringing a white or a black jersey. CAPTAINS, bring extra jerseys with you to ensure compliance. 

   •  BRP sells jerseys and numbers in the Pro-Shop.

Please see PENALTIES & SUSPENSIONS for further information


Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:36:59 PM


BRP Homepage



   • Roster Sheets should be printed out from the front page of the Bridgeville Rollerplex website and completed within seven (7) days after registration. NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams that fail to provide the Rollerplex with a completed roster may lose their spot (w/ refund) to a team on the Waiting List. We also reserve the right to place the team in a higher Division than the one requested if roster is not submitted promptly.

   •  Teams are required to have at least one (1) representative join our Facebook Group: BRP Waiver Wire. This will help in the event that you need a goalie to fill in, or have a goalie who would like to fill in for another team, etc...

   •  When registering, please let us know which Division you'd like to be in (beginner / intermediate / advanced). We rank all of the teams and break down the Divisions accordingly. We will do our best to work with you if your team needs to be in a different Division.

   • Each Team Roster will consist of a maximum of fifteen (15) SKATERS, plus at least one (1) GOALIE. Of the fifteen skaters, only twelve may play in a game at a time. Expanding rosters spots to fifteen allows teams to arrange for subs to fill in more easily. All fifteen players listed on the roster, however, will count towards a team's power rankings when the Divisions are built.

   • Each Team Roster will have a minimum of six (6) SKATERS, plus at least one (1) GOALIE.

   • Every Team must have a Captain and Co-Captain. These players are responsible for providing the Rollerplex with accurate contact information.

   • Team Captains are also responsible for:

             • Collecting League fees from teammates to pay as a team;
             • Communicating with game officials during games;
             • Submitting Team Roster before first game; within 7 days after registration.

    * All  rosters are set by the 5th Game! (No more roster changes). This is your play-off roster! 

    • Any Team that attempts to play with someone not listed on the Official Roster will face a possible forfeit, as well as a suspension for the team captain.

   •  All Roster requests must be emailed to two (2) days BEFORE the next game. Additions are not automatic once the Divisions are set, and requests may be denied. We do not accept day-of-game additions to rosters. People who drive out to the Bridgeville Rollerplex will be turned away, and not permitted to play. CAPTAINS, make sure you communicate with the Rollerplex when looking to make roster changes.
    • A Player must play in at least five (5) regular season games in order to be eligible for playoffs. As a courtesy, players who have fewer than five games, yet who DON'T have ejections or suspensions within the season will be granted eligibility after the team's tenth game has been played.

   • No Player that plays in NORTH Puck may play in the Deep South Ball or Puck Divisions.

   • If a Player is over the age of 50 he/she can be on muliple teams in any division.

   • Teams may use a non-rostered, league registered Goalie at any time during the regular season, as long as they are within their division or lower. During the playoffs, all teams must use only rostered Goalies that have played at least one (1) game for their team. Contact the facility for approval if a fill-in goalie is requested.


   • The Bridgeville Rollerplex devotes resources to keeping individual statistics.

   • Since the officials are asked to watch so much of the action going on, the players themselves are ultimately responsible for confirming who is involved in a given scoring play. In the event that an incorrect # is thought to have scored (or assisted), the player can, as a courtesy, call out the numbers, or speak to the scorekeeper immediately after the game to discuss stats.

   • The Rollerplex takes stats seriously, and gets them right much of the time. If, however, teams desire 100% accuracy, they are STRONGLY encouraged to manage their own website, documenting their teams' history and performance. Stats like goals, assists, etc can then be tabulated by the Captain in the locker room or at his/her convenience.

   •  Players who are ejected from a game will not have their scoring stats recorded. If a game is called early for any reason, the scoring stats from that game will not be recorded.

   •  Players who receive suspensions, and who are abusive toward the staff, officials, or other players may have their scoring stats removed from the BRP Website.

   • The only time statistics can be changed is as stated above. Please do not contact the Rollerplex/Staff during the week. Once the day's games are uploaded to our website, all tallies are final. The only exception is if the final score of the game itself has been entered incorrectly.

Please see GAMEPLAY/EQUIPMENT for further information

Thursday, December 10, 2009 8:08:08 PM

If you are an individual adult inline roller hockey player looking for a team to play on, put an ad our CLASSIFIED page and post on our Facebook Group: BRP Waiver Wire.

Specify if you're looking for PUCK, BALL, or ANY; Advanced, Intermediate, or Developmental; Forward, Defense, Goalie, or any, and someone may contact you...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 2:07:03 PM

We offer Year Round Adult League Programs.  Team registration includes all referees and scorekeepers.  Team registration is open one month before each season starts.  We offer puck and ball leagues.   All teams are required to have a Captain, no more than 13 players TOTAL, on your roster, including your goalie. 

Winter season:Jan/Feb/March

Spring season: April/May/June

Summer season: July/Aug/Sept

Fall season: Oct/Nov/Dec

Inline PUCK League:

AA Division:

NORTH Division: High Level (Played on Thursday nights

SOUTH Division: Intermediate Level (Played on Thursday nights and/or Saturdays from noon to

DEEP SOUTH Division: Beginner Level)

Inline BALL League:

SOUTH Division:

DEEP SOUTH Division: Beginner Level

10 game season, plus single elimination playoffs.

All League players must have a HECC certified helmet, shin pads, gloves, and elbow pads. 

If your birth year is 1990 or later you must wear a full face shield/cage. 

Any other questions email us at or call 412-221-7111


and must be 18 or over