BRP Adult (18 and over) Rules: Gameplay/Equipment
Sunday, October 13, 2013 3:18 PM


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   •  Individuals using this facility do so at their own risk. The property owners, league operators, officers, staff, et al, of the Bridgeville Rollerplex assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur. Please refer to your LIABILITY & INJURY WAIVER RELEASE forms.


   •  Goalies playing in the PUCK League are required to wear Inline Skates (skater or goalie skates). Goalies playing in the BALL League are permitted to wear shoes if they prefer.

   •  Players are not permitted to leave their gear at the Rollerplex overnight.

   •  BRP reserves the right to update these Rules and Regulations at any time.


   • All Players must wear HECC certified helmets (certified within five years) with chin straps – NO EXCEPTIONS!  Some examples of non-HECC certified helmets (illegal helmets) are: Jofa Gretsky model, Jofa Lemieux/Selanne model, Mylec helmet, old Cooper helmet. If you are unsure if your helmet is legal, please check with BRP staff or officials BEFORE your game.

   •  YOUTH LEAGUES/TEAMS: Players under 18 must wear full face shield.– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE!

   •  Players must wear:  shin guards, with long pants or hockey socks, hockey gloves (NO Mylec dekhockey gloves, garden gloves, etc...), elbow pads, covered with long sleeves, and cup supporter. NO SHORT PANTS OR SHORT SLEEVED HOCKEY JERSEY. ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE COVERED.

   •  Highly recommendedChest protector, girdle (provides thigh, hip, and tailbone protection), mouth pieces for adults (provides shock protection in collisions).

   •  Skates must have all 4 wheels.  One warning will be issued.  If not remedied by next game, that Player will not play.

   •  Players must leave their helmets on while on the bench or in the penalty box. Pucks and Balls go out of play often. Always stay alert to the play.

   •  Players are required to have long sleeve MATCHING COLOR HOCKEY JERSEYS WITH THEIR OWN NUMBERS.  Any Player who does not have a numbered or matching HOCKEY jersey may not be allowed to play. Numbers CAN NOT be taped on jersey. When there is a color conflict, the AWAY Team will change color.

   •  Teams are required to have AWAY jerseys with numbers on the back in the event that they must change for a game. We recommend always bringing a white or a black jersey. CAPTAINS, bring extra jerseys with you to ensure compliance. 

   •  BRP sells jerseys and numbers in the Pro-Shop.

Please see PENALTIES & SUSPENSIONS for further information