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Sunday, October 13, 2013 8:06 PM

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Inline/Roller Hockey Rules and Regulations

Addendum to the Official Rules of USA Roller Sports  --
Updated October 13, 2013

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Year-round Seasons of Adult Recreational Inline Hockey

WINTER: January, February & March
 SPRING: April, May & June
 SUMMER: July, August & September
October, November & December




    •  Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk.  The property owners, league operators, officers, and staff of the BRP assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur.  Please refer to your Liability & Injury Waiver Release forms.
    •  Conduct within the facility and on the rink should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship.  Our leagues are competitive, but we require our players to have an “EASY GOING” mentality.  Nonsense and out-of-control Players are not welcome and are subject to removal by BRP STAFF.
    •  The BRP reserves the right to refuse play to anyone. When asked to leave the facility, the person must do so promptly. They're not permitted to remain in the parking lot, or outside seating area. People/players who do not comply with these rules face longterm bans.
    •  All play at BRP is non-checking.
    •  Any fighting will result in ejection from the facility with the possibility of a Lifetime Suspension. This includes the parking lot area/outside. The Bridgeville Rollerplex has zero tolerance for fighting.


   •  Fighting includes, among other things, punches, face washing, tackling, wrestling and/or aggressive action intended to injure, knock down or instigate. Players who remove their gloves during an altercation will receive a suspension for fighting. Fighting Suspensions are typically a minimum of 3 games, and will include extra games based on the severity of the action taken.
   •  Play is 4 on 4 plus Goalie. If a team cannot provide four rostered skaters and a goalie for their game, it will result in a forfeit. Furthermore, if the starting goalie leaves the game without a fully equipped replacement, that team will have to forfeit the game (an 8-0 loss).


   •  Each team must have 4 skaters and a Goalie in order to start a game. At 6 minutes past the hour a team that doesn't have the minimum requirements uses their timeout. At 8 minutes past the hour they incur a 2 minute Delay of Game penalty. At 10 minutes past the hour they incur a second 2 minute Delay of Game penalty, and the game clock begins to run. At 15 minutes past the hour if a team doesn't have 4 skaters and a goalie, they forfeit the game. We don't make exceptions to this rule, even if, at 15 minutes past the hour, their goalie is in the building. Skaters may gear up in the penalty box, though, as long as their helmet is on at all times.


   •  If the score reaches an 8 goal differential, the Mercy Rule is applied and it is officially over. Players may remain until their time is up, only if the game/players kept a sportsmanlike attitude throughout. BRP STAFF have the right to close down the playing surface if otherwise.

   •  Teams that commit 10 penalties in a game forfeit the game 8 - 0 (regardless of the score up to that point), and will be required to leave the playing surface and facility. Players on the opposing team will retain their stats (Goals, Assists, Penalties & Games Played).

   •  BRP maintains an internal Sportsmanship Rating for teams. Teams that have a NEGATIVE Sportsmanship Rating may not be invited back in subsequent seasons. If a team finishes a season w/ an NSR, any Division Championship will not be recognized/acknowledged by the BRP. The Division will go in the books as "No Result". Causes for an NSR: Consistent Ref/Staff/Facility abuse, Multiple players w/ unsportsmanlike ejections/suspension in a season, alcohol possession, and/or unsportsmanlike behavior before/after the games.

   •  Teams that intentionally request placement in Divisions lower than what is appropriate may not be invited back in subsequent seasons, nor will any Division Championship be recognized/acknowledged by the BRP. The Division will go in the books as "No Result".

   •  No Icing – No Offsides – No Checking.

   • There will be one to three Officials each game: Two Referees, and one Scorekeeper. BRP Staff serve as Scorekeeper/3rd Official, and is responsible for conduct at the Bridgeville Rollerplex. 

   •  Faceoff locations are determined by the Referee. BRP places all Faceoffs deep in the Defensive zone when the Ball or Puck goes out of play in that zone (whether it goes off of a player or the crossbar).

   •  Each game has three 15-minute running clock periods.If the score is within two goals in the 3rd Period, the clock will stop at each whistle 2 minutes or under. If the game is tied after regulation, it goes directly into a Shootout (in the Regular Season, and in either the Wildcard or Quarterfinal Rounds of the Playoffs). In the Semi-Final Round of the Playoffs, a 5-minute running clock Overtime will be played, followed by a Shootout if tied after Regulation (Championship games are full Overtime until a goal is scored).

   • Our Recreational League House Rules for clock management: play clock will stop when the net is dislodged, when a play is halted for an injury, or at BRP Staff and/or the Referee's discretion if something occurs that delays gameplay. Fighting / Player Disruptions do not automatically stop the clock. If the instigating player is on the trailing team, their actions may waste game time.

    •  Goalies can play on feet in the Ball League ONLY.
    •  Teams sign-up on a first-come-first-pay basis.
    •  All seasons are ten (10) games plus play-offs or "friendly" games for low-finishing teams. Each team will get at least eleven (11) games total.
    •  All teams will play one game each week (unless unforeseen schedule conflicts arise). In some cases, such as Playoffs, multiple games may be scheduled in a week, or a day.
    •  Only Captains and  Designated Alternate (if the captain is not present) may ask for clarification from referees during the game.


   •  Excess chatter (abusive language) toward other players, officials, or staff will result in penalties and or suspensions. If this occurs from people outside of the playing area/benches, BRP staff has the right to eject them from the facility.


   •  Drugs and alcohol are not permitted at the Rollerplex, either inside the facility or in the parking lot area. We do not allow tailgating in which those items are present. If empty cans or bottles are found in a team's locker room, each person present for that day's game may be subject to action by the Bridgeville Rollerplex.


   •  Any intoxicated Player will be told to leave! 

   •  BRP cannot reschedule games during inclement weather.

   •  Players are not permitted to leave their gear at the Rollerplex overnight.

   •  BRP reserves the right to update these Rules and Regulations at any time.


Please see ROSTER GUIDELINES for further information