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miércoles, enero 18, 2023 2:05:02 PM We would like to welcome college inline to BRP. They play Sunday nights, and their schedule is posted on our site. The following teams will be playing. RMU Tartans, Duquesne Dukes, Penn State Beaver: Fightin Beavs, RMU Colonials, Anyone is welcome to come watch!
lunes, julio 13, 2015 10:02:55 PM Ralph will no longer be helping teams find fill ins for games when your goalie can't make it.  If your goalie can't make it, it is up to the captains of the teams to post on FB and BRP live wire to find a replacement!  Plan ahead.  Look at the game before you and after to see if a goalie can stay or come in early.  You also may call us at 412-221-7111.  
lunes, junio 08, 2015 2:29:43 PM

The following schools play and practice at the Bridgeville RollerPlex!

These schools are also part of the PIRHL( Pennsylvania Interscholastic Roller hockey League). Practices are held mid August until mid March with games being played on Saturdays or Sundays from October until March. Game locations may vary from Bridgeville RollerPlex, RMU, Bladerunners and Hot Shots.  Please contact each individual school if your child is interested in playing for their school.

Baldwin- Robert O'Brien - r.obrien0768@gmail.com

Bethel Park-Eric Kubrick- info@bpinlinehockey.com or eric.kubrick@verizon.net

Canon McMillan-John Murphy- john.v.murphy@comcast.net

Chartiers Valley- Dan Kopach- CVinlinehockey@gmail.com

Upper St Clair-Eric Bernstein- drbernstein@hotmail.com

Mt Lebanon- Kevin Baverso - kbaverso@comcast.net

West Allegheny- Mike Hively - WAIHpresident@gmail.com or Mike Flenner- mdf70@hotmail.com





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